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Armand van Wijck Quartet

A contemporary jazz quartet of which Swedish jazz magazine OrkesterJournalen wrote: 'very atmospheric folk-jazz (...) a multi-dimensional sound (...) awakes interest in the many possibilities of the harmonica.'

A debut album got released in April 2024 on Swedish label Howling Jazz. 'Nothing to Declare' is

full of mesmerising, story-telling compositions, reflecting on Armand's experiences with migration and adaptation.

The music embraces a harmonious blend of modern jazz, impressionism and various folk influences, fueled by Armand's multi-cultural heritage. He got influenced by the genuine playing and Nordic sound of the Swedish musicians of his quartet, as well as by his partner, Riksspelman and violinist Magdalena Eriksson, who sometimes works with the quartet as a guest artist.

Armand van Wijck – chromatic harmonica, suling

Axel Liliedahl Nordström – piano

Björn Petersson – double bass

Johan Björklund – drums

Guest artist Magdalena Eriksson – violin, voice

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